*GP STFU V2 250mil 100 sqft (25 sheets)

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100 SQ FEET (25) 18" x 32" Sheets

-Pure Butyl

-Foil Barrier

-CCF Layer

Get the job done in a SINGLE layer with the GP STFU 250 Mil Sound Deadener.

Once applied GP STFU 250 Mil Sound Deadener lowers panel resonance, drastically reduces flex, and prepares the interior of your vehicle for a quality sound stage.

Whether you compete in SPL or Sound Quality, the GP STFU 250 Mil Sound Deadener has tremendous advantages for either application.

*GP STFU Sound Deadener is the #1 choice by some of the top installers in the USA. We often get to see it used in extreme SQ setups in exotic cars ( Simplicity In Sound: Milpitas, CA), all the way to the insane and extreme SPL builds (Audio 2000: Tuscan, AZ.

*GP STFU Sound Deadener is also the #1 Choice for Hot Rod, and Speed shops across the USA because if its ability to assist in keeping road and engine noise OUT of the interior. GP STFU Sound Deadener is the go to deadener for Forged Performance who specializes in building 1,000+ horsepower Nissan GTR's.



Q: This is much thicker than all other deadeners, do I need to worry about it fitting behind trim panels

A: Not at all, the Acoustic Foam layer serves as a decoupler, and easily compresses behind trim panels, making everything overall more solid in the vehicle.


Q: Do I use a heat gun for application?

A: A hairdryer can be used during the application process, we suggest using a roller, and a hairdryer being sure the deadener makes 100% contact with the surface, a heat gun can cause damage to the acoustic foam layer. The high grade butyl can be applied without additional heat in warmer weather, and will not come off. For non flat surfaces, be sure to cut into pieces when applying as it is easier to be sure you make full contact with the surface you are applying to.


Q:  Will I notice a difference once installed?

A: Yes, on the sub stage in all testing using sound measuring equipment, we have seen anything from simple gains on the db meter at peak frequencies, to a tremendously widened bandwidth where the vehicle gains overall across the musical range.  These results will vary from vehicle to vehicle.




"I'm tuned low, and my car never played beyond 36hz well, every since I installed this deadener I'm enjoying tracks I would not play due to poor performance all the way up to 45hz. My car is much more musical now!" ~Cody


"My car had a ton of rattles, I pinpointed where they were, and put this deadener to use, now all you hear is clean and clear bass coming from my car." ~Rick


"So far I've only done my passenger side door with 100% coverage on the outer section and already reading 0.5 db louder making it my highest score to date, can't wait to see what else I gain." ~Phillip


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    the most beast sound deadning material available on the market hands down!!

    Posted by cody on Apr 16th 2015

    This stuff is no joke. Made a day n night difference in my car. Stopped the sound on the outside n keeps it all in the car. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!!

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