Shipping/ Returns/ Warranty

30 Day Return Policy

If you need to return an item please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order. No refunds on Alternators. No refunds on NO SAG Springs, these are custom parts made for you.  In the issue of a warranty claim, buyer is responsible for all shipping charges. Buyer pays for shipping the item back before the replacement will be shipped. Buyer is responsible for return shipping charges of warranty replacement. 

*Buyer is responsible for return shipping charges.

*All returned items have a 20% restocking fee. 

*If the items are not brand new in the box, the 30 day return policy is void, we will not accept the return. 


*If you do not request signature delivery, is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 


We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations without a shipping upcharge.


Northstar/ Odyssey Battery Warranty 

The battery warranty is for manufacture defects in material and/or workmanship. Warranty does not apply to batteries that are severely discharged (below 10.5 volts), have broken containers, covers, or terminals, have been overcharged or sulphated, or have been neglected or abused.


Under the rare circumstances of a battery warranty claim: GP Car Audio handles the submission of the warranty for customer, from there, Odyssey (Northstar) will ship customer the replacement battery.

If you have a battery warranty, contact us at for further instruction on making the claim.

The warranty covers the defective battery only.

***** is not responsible for any freight charges, installation charges, loss of time, or other consequential damage or cost incurred. *****

The warranty does not apply to batteries if their proprietary manufacturing code markings and/or serial numbers have been tampered with or removed.

The Northstar Warranty is ONLY valid to the original purchaser, and is NOT transferrable. No Exceptions

WARRANTY NorthStar Battery Company (NSB) warrants its batteries (hereafter referred to as “Battery”) to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the earlier of (a) the Applicable Warranty Period or (b) within 400 cycles to 80% depth of discharge, whichever occurs first. The Applicable Warranty Period is (4) years in automotive and commercial applications, (3) years in marine applications. The Applicable Warranty Period begins from the date of purchase with original receipt. Within the Applicable Warranty Period, the battery will be replaced free of charge if, at the discretion of NSB, adjustment is necessary due to defect in material or workmanship (not merely discharged). Batteries for warranty replacement consideration are to be returned to the original supplying distributor/dealer with original receipt. The original battery sale receipt must be maintained for any claims. General provisions A. NSB has no obligation under the limited warranty and set forth above in the event the Battery is damaged or destroyed as a result of one or more of the following: • Willful abuse or neglect or if the top decorative cover has been removed. • Natural forces such as wind, lightning, hail; damage due to fire, collision, explosion, vandalism, theft, penetration or opening of the Battery case in any manner. • Overcharging, undercharging, leaving in a discharged state, charging or installing in reverse polarity, improper maintenance, allowing the Battery to be deeply discharged via parasitic load or mishandling of the Battery such as but not limited to using the terminals for lifting or carrying the Battery. Trickle chargers that do not have a regulated trickle charge voltage between 13.5V and 13.8V (no lower than 13.5V and no higher than 13.8V) will cause early failure of the Battery. Use of such chargers with the Battery will also void the Battery’s warranty. • Normal deterioration in the electrical qualities or the acceleration of such deterioration due to conditions that accelerate such deterioration. • If the Battery is used in an application that requires higher cranking power or a greater reserve rating than the Battery is designed to deliver, or the Battery capacity is less than the Battery capacity specified by the vehicle manufacturer, or the Battery is otherwise used in an application for which it was not designed. • Prolonged storage of vehicles with fuel injection computers, alarms, GPS and other electrical devices that require continuous battery power to support active memories; this power drain must be offset with a maintenance-float charger, periodic charging or disconnecting the battery to prevent the establishment of irreversible crystallization sulphation in the battery plate oxide. Failure to address this destroys battery capacity and voids the warranty, as this is not a warranted defect in materials or workmanship. A battery with an open circuit voltage (OCV) of equal to or less then 10.0V will be deemed as over discharged and void from warranty due to misuse and/or neglect. • WARNING – Do NOT use any type of oil, organic solvent, alcohol, detergent, strong acids, strong alkalis, petroleum-based solvent or ammonia solution to clean the jars or covers. These materials may cause permanent damage to the battery casing and cover and will void the warranty.


B. To obtain warrant service: • Return the Battery to the original NorthStar Battery wholesaler or dealer. • If the Battery is determined by NSB, in its sole discretion, to be defective for material or workmanship under terms of this limited warranty, it will be replaced. • NSB’s acceptance of any items shipped to NSB shall not be deemed an admission that the items so shipped are defective. Any items shipped back to NSB, shall in NSB’s sole discretion, become NSB’s sole property. ALL BATTERIES ARE DESIGNED TO MEET CERTAIN PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS, SUCH AS COLD CRANKING AMPS AND RESERVE CAPACITY, BUT DUE TO VARYING USES AND OPERATING CONDITIONS, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ANTICIPATE THE USEFUL LIFE OF THIS BATTERY, OR ANY OTHER BATTERY. IF THIS BATTERY SHOULD MATERIALLY FAIL DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD, THIS LIMITED WARRANTY SHALL CONTROL THE TERMS FOR ADJUSTMENT. NORTHSTAR BATTERY’s LIABILITY IS LIMITED TO REPLACEMENT OF THE BATTERY ACCORDING TO THE TERMS STATED ABOVE. NORTHSTAR BATTERY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY EXPENSES FOR INSTALLATION, TOWING, ELECTRICAL SYSTEM TESTS, CHARGING A BATTERY, LOSS OF TIME, OR OTHER EXPENSES WHICH WOULD BE CONSIDERED AS INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. THE ABOVE STATED WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS. IN NO EVENT SHALL NORTHSTAR BATTERY COMPANY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR LOSS, AND EXCEPT AS STATED HERIN, NORTHSTAR BATTERY COMPANY SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DEFECTS IN, OR ANY BREACH OF CONTRACTS RELATING TO THE QUALITY OR PERFORMANCE OF THE ABOVE EQUIPMENT UNDER ANY THEORY OF LAW. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY APPLIES TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER (USER) AND IS NONTRANSFERRABLE. ALL REPLACEMENT BATTERIES WILL BE WARRANTED FOR THE BALANCE OF THE ORIGINAL PERIOD. RETURNED MATERIALS- In no event shall the User return material to NorthStar Battery Company without prior written authorization. The User shall be responsible for all costs incurred in returning material and for secure packaging or returned materials to provide the best possible assurance against damage in the shipment. Batteries shall not be returned to NorthStar Battery Company without special instructions for handling and shipping. The customer is responsible for paying all of the following costs associated with the replacement: labor for removal or installation; applicable taxes; and any shipping or transportation costs incurred in returning the battery to the distributor/dealer for evaluation.