Deaf Bonce Apocalypse DB-SA255 D1/D2 15" Subwoofer

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Price is for ONE Subwoofer 


Model DB-SA255D1 / DB-SA255D2 
Type Subwoofer
Size 15 inch
Voice coil size 2.50 inch
Cone Paper
Magnet Ferrite
Voice coil wire Copper
Surround Foam
RMS Power 1000 W
MAX Power 2000 W
Frame Alu
Impedance 1+1 / 2+2 Ohm
SPL 87.10 / 87.50 dB
Fs 32.20 / 32.86 Hz
Qts 0.51 / 0.55
BL 20.12 / 20.83
Vas 61.30 / 62.10 L
Xmax 15.00 / 15.00 mm
Mounting depth 7.40 inch
Cut-out dimension 14.09 inch
Gross weight 29.98 lb (13.60 kg)
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    Posted by Tyler Vincent on May 9th 2021

    Absolute monster of an entry level subwoofer, I replaced a sundown SA15 with this and got much cleaner and louder bass. It’s absolutely eating the 1200W I am feeding it currently so I am going to be switching it up to a 2K amp to power this thing. Oh! And it made it to my door in record time.

  • 5
    Budget slammer

    Posted by Tyler Vincent on Apr 7th 2021

    I have one of these in a 3.5 cu ft box tuned to 37hz, ran by a Sundown Audi SFB1000D and my db meter pulled 140.8 db’s.

    Extremely clean bass, very loud, and it made my Sundown SA15 sound worthless. 10/10 recommend.

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