GP 6" DIY Stack Fab Octa-port

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The GP 6" DIY Stack Fab Octa-port includes the following:

-1x Rounded over external flange (mounting face). Outside dimensions: 10.5" Octagon shape

-1x 9" round baffle insert. If you have more than a single baffle be sure to select the number of baffles accordingly, each additional baffle will add 0.75".

-10x 0.75" Octagon stack fab pieces. 


Tech Specs:

Square inches of port: 29.82"

Total length as is without additional baffles, or additional stack fab layers added: 9.00" 

External Flange: 10.5"

Mounting hole diameter for baffle insert: 9.00" (To mount, cut 9.00" hole in enclosure)

Total port wall thickness: 1.00"

Displacement without additional pieces: 0.23 Cubic Feet 

Displacement per 0.75" thick stack fab piece (does not include flange and baffle inserts) 0.023 Cubic Feet 

Example: If you add on an additional 10 more stack fab pieces it will add another 0.23 cubic feet


Assembly: Standard use of wood glue and clamps. Tip: A brad nailer will make assembly very quick. 




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