GP Sound Deadener Roller

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Was: $19.99
Now: $14.99

The GP Sound Deadener Roller makes installing sound deadener quick, easy, and effortless. 

Its agronomical handle grip gently cradles the contour or your soft man hands keeping your skin soft and silky smooth. 

A handle is a part by which a thing is held, carried, or controlled, now that is innovation. 

The roller which appears to be a widened skateboard wheel is a cylinder that rotates around a central axis and is used to move, flatten, or spread something, in this case, sound deadening material.

Better yet, lets see what the guys have to say:

 "I'm buying an extra to make tortillas!" ~Felipe Lopez, part of Team GP

Felipe, on behalf of GP, we all want to try these tortillas. 

When you purchase the GP sound deadening roller you will receive 1 sound deadener roller. 

Disclaimer: for external use only. 


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