SA-6.5CX V.2 6.5" Coaxial Speaker Set (1 Pair)

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SA-6.5CX V.2

The SA coaxial speakers are based on the same cast frame series as the component, use the same cone material, and have a similar tweeter design. So most of what has been said about the sound of the SA component holds true for the coaxial. The coaxial features a built-in crossover capacitor for the tweeter & simply allows the mid to roll off naturally – this works well due to the extremely low break-up cone design.

The coaxial does lack some of the advanced voice coil venting techniques (as they are not possible to use with a coaxial) and uses a smaller diameter coil than the component so the power rating is lower – but the fantastic sound is all there.


  • Features & Specifications

    • 80W RMS
    • 2.75" DEPTH

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