**Team GP Undertaker 15" Subwoofer UT15 5,000 RMS

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Welcome to Team GP's UnderTaker Series Subwoofers.

Hand Built In The USA

Whether you need to dominate the musical average classes, or a peak frequency burp in the lanes, we have designed a driver capable of handling tremendous amounts of power efficiently and continuously thanks to the monstrous GP UnderTaker UFO style motor. The UnderTaker motor utilizes precision cooling and drives a 4 inch 8 Layer high temperature voice coil. The motor's "bottomless" design allows for ridiculous peak to peak excursion with zero risk of bottoming out. This instantly eliminates a common point of failure, and is designed entirely to be forgiving in the most abusive applications all the way to the triple joint which is also extravagantly reinforced for added durability. 

The UnderTaker Series is designed for Extreme SQL applications (Sound Quality Loud) and Extreme SPL applications (Sound Pressure Level)


  • 4" 8 Layer American made voice coil rated at 500°F, BAA Former with spunlace reinforcing 
  • The Cone is Non pressed, kevlar strand reinforcing to withstand extreme SPL applications 
  • Skinny, weatherized, multi-layer tall roll surround for maximum cone area, durability, and longevity 
  • A stack of 5 Nomex deep progressive roll spiders
  • 4 AWG GP Ultra Pure OFHC Direct Leads
  • GP Undertaker Motor:  Y35 Grade ferrite, Top and bottom plates are made with 1008 low carbon steel for increased motor force, advanced cooling at the pole designed to push air over the former which works together with the back plates direct coil cooling. With the Advanced cooling, and 500°F Voice coil allows for a conservative 5,000 RMS Rating
  • ALL adhesives on softpart assembly is a custom formulated epoxy designed for high temp operation 

Recommended Enclosure: 2.5 cubic feet to 3.5 cubic feet, 16 to 18 square inches of port per cubic foot.

*We recommend at minimum 2,500 watts RMS per driver to experience the Team GP Undertaker*




Note- FS will Decrease During Break In: XMAX Will Increase During Break In


  • Model                                GPUT15 D2/ GPUT15 D1
  • Size                                  15 inch Subwoofer
  • Voice coil size                    4.00 inch 8 Layer
  • Cone                                 Paper
  • Magnet :                           Ferrite
  • Voice coil wire                   Aluminum
  • Surround                          Foam
  • RMS Power                       5,000 W
  • MAX Power                       10,000 W
  • Impedance                       2+2 / 1+1 Ohm
  • SPL @2.83v                 88.8db / 90.8dB
  • SPL 1w/ 1m                 85.6db / 85.6db
  • Fs                                  44hz / 43Hz
  • Qts                                 0.68 / 0.68
  • Qes                                0.75 / 0.74
  • Qms                                7.5 / 8.2
  • BL                               28.9 / 22.4
  • Re                           1.4+1.4 / 0.7+0.7
  • Vas (FT ^3)                  0.75 / 0.77
  • Xmax                         25.00 / 25.00 mm
  • Xmech (p to p)        100 mm / 100 mm
  • Cut-out dimension                            14.125 inch
  • Outter Diameter w/out rubber gasket 15.0 inch
  • Outter Diameter w/ rubber gasket      15.5 inch
  • Mounting depth                                 TBA
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    15” Undertaker

    Posted by Earseye on Apr 19th 2020

    Wow!! Absolute beast!! Words can’t explain how impressive these subwoofers are! The 15” Undertaker will definitely handle some power with amazing sound quality and in a small enclosure! Hats off to GP Audio! Well done!!

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