TRU SPEC Elite Prefab Kicker Solo X 12" L7X Subwoofer Enclosure

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Made In The USA 

Tru Spec Elite Prefabricated enclosures are simple, straight to the point, subwoofer specific enclosures dialed in precisely to manufacturer's specifications after displacements.

TRU SPEC Elite PREFAB SINGLE 12" : Kicker Solo X L7X 12" with double baffle, triple flush baffle, bracing, and 45's.

Material: MDF


Shipping weight: 72 lbs

 This enclosure is built to exact manufacturer's specs after all displacements. 

Box External Dimensions
Width × Height × Depth

30.00" × 16.50" × 20.13"

Material Thickness


Net Internal Volume

3.00 ft3

Tuning Frequency

31 Hz

Port Area

45.50 inch2


Cutout Diameter: To spec for the Kicker Solo X L7X 12" 





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