TRU SPEC Prefab Dual 12" Subwoofer Enclosure Sundown SA 12v2

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 Tru Spec Prefabricated enclosures are simple, straight to the point, subwoofer specific enclosures dialed in precisely to manufacturer's specifications after displacements. These subwoofer specific enclosures will be versatile to many other subwoofers as well, so you do not have to use the noted driver on the enclosure, just be sure and double check your cutout.

TRU SPEC PREFAB SINGLE 12" : Sundown SA-12v2 with flush baffle

Material: MDF


Box External Dimensions
Width × Height × Depth

34.00" × 14.00" × 20.96"

Material Thickness


Net Internal Volume

3.50 ft3

Tuning Frequency

35 Hz

Port Area

52.00 inch2


Cutout Diameter: 11.2"

Flush Trim Diameter: 13.1" 

Also fits the following 12" Subwoofers and are close to recommended specifications:

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