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Sound Deadener

  • Deaf Bonce 4.0

    Deaf Bonce 4.0

    Elastic sound deadening material for the areas with a high level of vibration: the car floor, the luggage compartment floor, the arches. Because of its large mass it provides the additional insulation  effect. The material thickness - 4 mm (157.4...

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  • Deaf Bonce 2.0

    Deaf Bonce 2.0

    Universal elastic vibration deadening material. Suitable for treatment of any area. Low weight allows using the material even on the plastic lining. It may be used for the doors, roof, floor and trunk. The material thickness - 2 mm (78.7...

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  • Deaf Bonce Double Rigid

    Deaf Bonce Double Rigid

      The unique products that meet all modern requirements of vibration deadening. The main feature of our materials is pure butyl caoutchouc  –  the main and most important component that affects the physical and mechanical properties...

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